DIY Guide to making your own outdoor gloves

You need to keep a pair of gloves with you if you want to protect your hands from several problems. In this article, we’re going to show you the way of designing your own outdoor gloves with a few simple steps. You can design the pattern of the gloves according to your own needs. These gloves can be used with any kind of materials such as vinyl, leather, fabric, or similar material, stretchy or not.

The structure of our hands is extremely complicated and they need to move freely in any direction. Therefore, you need to design a flexible yet useful pair of gloves for your hands. Here is a list of things that you must keep with you if you want to make your own outdoor gloves.

  • Paper
  • A pencil
  • Sharp scissors
  • A disposable glove
  • A permanent market
  • Duct tape


For construction:

  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Fabric
  • A sewing machine or a needle

The ways we’re going to discuss here will not only help you make the traditional kind of gloves but you can also copy the style of the best parkour gloves. Let’s take a look at the simple steps you need to follow to make your own outdoor gloves.

Create a sketch

The first thing you need to do is to put your hand on a paper and create a sketch of your hand to take the proper measurement. You can simply use the pencil to draw the sketch on the paper but make sure that it covers all the fingers properly. Then cut the paper using the scissors so that you can use this pattern to cut the fabric.

Cutting the fabric

Now put this pattern on the fabric and draw the sketch on the fabric. You need to draw two sketches here. The first one will be used to front side while the other one will be used for the backside. This time you’ll have to use the permanent marker to draw the sketch. Make sure that you’re using the excellent quality fabric.

Now that you’ve cut both the patterns it’s time for you to draw another pattern to cut the piece from the fabric to join both the patterns with each other. Because if you tried to join them together without the help of any additional material, your hand will feel uncomfortable and it will not fit in it. So, make sure that you cut the additional piece for joining them together.


Now it’s time to stitch the glove. First of all, you’ll have to stitch one pattern with the additional piece and then you’ll have to stitch the other one to connect them together. Once you’re done stitching, you can check if it fits your hand properly. If it fits properly, you can design the other one easily.