Taking a look at top quilt designs for winter newborns

Babies are blessings of God and we must take good care of our babies. Someone cannot imagine the happiness of being a father or mother unless he becomes one. The parents always try different ideas to make their baby look different from others they even try some unique ideas to decorate the equipment they use for their baby.

Strollers and toys are some remarkable things that can be decorated in a unique and different way. The winter season is the worst season for the newborns as they’re always at a risk of suffering from a disease in the winter. The parents try to protect their baby from severe effects of winter by covering them with a quilt or blanket.

The quilts and blankets help keep your baby warm even if you’re taking them out. There are some parents who like to buy the unique quilts and blankets. Today, we’re going to take a look at some incredible designs of quilts. There are several designs of quilts available in the market but we’ve chosen some amazing ideas that are rarely found in the market. You need to get these quilts manufactured by the experts as you won’t find them in the market.

Whatever design you’re going to choose for the quilt, do not compromise on the quality of material because your child’s safety is more important than anything else.


You can choose to buy a quilt from the market that has the sketch of several cartoons on it or you can also choose the one that has the sketch of a single cartoon on it. Babies feel very happy when they see such kind of things around them and they love playing all the time with these objects. The newborns aren’t able to hold the toys in their hands so your baby will happy touching the sketches on the quilt.

The design should be made with several colors because kids like watching colorful things around them.

Pictures of babies

Another unique design of quilt is to have the several pictures of babies on the quilt. Your baby will be very happy to see several other kids around him. Babies get excited and they start smiling when they say babies around them. This will help entertain your kid and he won’t disturb you at all. This is an amazing idea for the best umbrella stroller of 2017 because the baby will keep playing with these pictures and he won’t cry to get out of the stroller.

Things belonging to babies

You can also buy a quilt that has several things for babies printed on it. The feeder, cap, and shoes are some cute accessories that can be printed on the quilt. You can even get things printed according to your requirement. All your friends are going to like this idea and most important of all the baby will remain happy in such quilt.


DIY Guide to making your own outdoor gloves

You need to keep a pair of gloves with you if you want to protect your hands from several problems. In this article, we’re going to show you the way of designing your own outdoor gloves with a few simple steps. You can design the pattern of the gloves according to your own needs. These gloves can be used with any kind of materials such as vinyl, leather, fabric, or similar material, stretchy or not.

The structure of our hands is extremely complicated and they need to move freely in any direction. Therefore, you need to design a flexible yet useful pair of gloves for your hands. Here is a list of things that you must keep with you if you want to make your own outdoor gloves.

  • Paper
  • A pencil
  • Sharp scissors
  • A disposable glove
  • A permanent market
  • Duct tape


For construction:

  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Fabric
  • A sewing machine or a needle

The ways we’re going to discuss here will not only help you make the traditional kind of gloves but you can also copy the style of the best parkour gloves. Let’s take a look at the simple steps you need to follow to make your own outdoor gloves.

Create a sketch

The first thing you need to do is to put your hand on a paper and create a sketch of your hand to take the proper measurement. You can simply use the pencil to draw the sketch on the paper but make sure that it covers all the fingers properly. Then cut the paper using the scissors so that you can use this pattern to cut the fabric.

Cutting the fabric

Now put this pattern on the fabric and draw the sketch on the fabric. You need to draw two sketches here. The first one will be used to front side while the other one will be used for the backside. This time you’ll have to use the permanent marker to draw the sketch. Make sure that you’re using the excellent quality fabric.

Now that you’ve cut both the patterns it’s time for you to draw another pattern to cut the piece from the fabric to join both the patterns with each other. Because if you tried to join them together without the help of any additional material, your hand will feel uncomfortable and it will not fit in it. So, make sure that you cut the additional piece for joining them together.


Now it’s time to stitch the glove. First of all, you’ll have to stitch one pattern with the additional piece and then you’ll have to stitch the other one to connect them together. Once you’re done stitching, you can check if it fits your hand properly. If it fits properly, you can design the other one easily.


Quilt University

For those of you who want to take a class in quilting, but are not able to physically attend a local shop, check out Quilt University at www.quiltuniversity.com

Here you will find a wide range of quilt classes from simple to complex, you will find piecing, applique, pictorials, paper piecing, etc.

My class on Quilt Your Favorite Photos from my book is starting soon, called Home Building. We are taking a photo of your home or another location that you want to memorialize, make a pattern from it and create a realistic looking pictorial block from that photo. I have lots of hints and tips on how to make your wall hanging look just like the photo, with depth, perspective, and little touches that personalize your quilt. Join me at Quilt University and learn at your own time in your own home! Start early in the morning in your pj’s! Quilt through the night, no time like the present to start!

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Celebrate San Diego

Good news! A new block of the month class is starting at Cozy Quilt Shop on August 29th, from 12 – 4 to create a San Diego quilt! Each month you will create one or maybe two blocks for the quilt. We are starting with some of the simpler blocks, and will go through all 13 blocks, ending with the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado.

I will be giving you lots of hints and tips to produce a block that is visually realistic looking. It is not as hard as it may look. Remember, one step at a time and you will be the proud owner of your own San Diego Quilt. Call Cozy to register or drop by and see the quilt close up. Hope to see you in class!

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