About Me

After many years of sewing I discovered quilting and fell in love with it right away. I began not only making quilts, but collecting antique quilts. Trying to reproduce the look of antique quilts was great fun. Once I began to embrace color and new techniques, I knew I had found my true calling, as they say. Making quilts and teaching others what I have learned is a big part of my life now. But my main focus is creating my own pictorial patterns for realistic appliqued quilts and wall hangings. The excitement builds from the initial challenge of turning my photos into applique patterns to the application of the right color, value, texture and perspective. When it is just right, I have a great feeling of satisfaction knowing that I had reached my goal of transforming sometimes difficult scenes into beautiful appliqued pieces. Part of the satisfaction is the discovery of just the perfect fabric for my pieces and using thread and embellishments bringing the piece to life. As I create these quilts, I am happy and content to problem solve, try new methods and materials, produce a satisfying end result and lose all track of time zoning out as I concentrate on the work.

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